Is your last name Dumpit?
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(pronounced DOOM-PET , also pronounced DOOM-PEI)

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The Name DUMPIT:

From the research that we have attained, we have surmised from markings on the family crest, and church records, in the St. Peters Church in Bauang, La Union, that the name may have some French ancestry.

In the Ancient Filipino script the letters "I" and "E" have the same symbol. The the name may have been spelled DUMPET and pronounced DOOM-PEI. This is why some of our family members use the DOOM-PEI pronunciation of our name.

There may be more information on the history of the name, so if you have it please step forward and share the info so that we can add it to this site.

** In Yorkshile, England there is a hill name "Dumpit Hill" that has an ancient "Stone Circle" which dates back to about 2000 B.C. We don't know if our name is related to this site, but it's interesting that there is a hill out there with an ancient Stone Circle and shares our unique last name.


In the early 1990's two cousins, who were born in the United States, started tracing their family roots. There names are Lourdes and Vicki and are descendants of Tomas Laygo Dumpit and Cosme Laygo Dumpit. Tomas and Cosme were born in the mid-1800's in Bauang, La Union Philippines, specifically Nagiliuan, but then went on to settle in Manaoag, Pangasinan. Tomas and Cosme were both brothers and cousins as they shared the same father (Gregorio Dumpit), but had different mothers, who were sisters.

With the information that Lourdes and Vicki compiled, they composed and published the first edition of the DUMPIT family book. This book was a limited edition, so unfortunately no more are available. The book includes the family tree, some history of Pangasinan and La Union, and some history of how the Dumpit's came to the United States.

There are twenty three branches of these two families and we still remain close. The Dumpit Family has many other branches of the family tree, so now that we are in the computer age, it is hoped that we can tie in other branches and maybe find the major link to tie our roots together as one LARGE DUMPIT CLAN. We look forward to your visit on our web site


Our plan is to use this site to link other Dumpit family member's web sites, to add to our current family tree (which dates back to the late 1800's), to post information on future reunions, weddings, get-togethers, and also to learn more about the family name and it's origins. We are also updating our current data base of family members and in the process of starting the Second Edition of the Dumpit Family Book.

Even if you are not a direct descendant of Tomas Laygo Dumpit, or Cosme Laygo Dumpit, we know that you are related in some way. We would like to add you to the book and also attempt to link the relation in the family tree. Tomas and Cosme had siblings that we currently have no information on so maybe you can help in our quest to place everyone in the family tree.


If your last, or middle name is Dumpit, please e-mail us. This site is maintained by the Dumpit family members in the USA, but we would love to hear from all Dumpit's from around the world. Our family originated from the Philippines, but have migrated worldwide and we would love to hear from you.

To be able to access this site you will have to mail us. We just put up this site, so be patient as we will be adding more information and links as time goes on.

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